Welcome to TwitTopTipsters. No Memberships & No Affiliate Scheme’s… Just five guys with a passion for Horse Racing who day in day out put the work in to try and find them winners. All results recorded honestly & accurately with the monthly winner nominating a chosen charity to which the blog donates towards.

We have been active for over a year now and have seen a few tipsters come and go but on the whole have kept a level of conistency between both the tipsters and the quality of the tips themselves. As a completely free service we have no reason to cloud our results, thus we keep a completely clear and honest profit & loss of which we are very much proud having shown largely conistent positive results (with the odd blip).

Be sure to follow us all on Twitter, all accounts are linked on our FREE TIPS page. There’s always one of us around and a friendly bunch we are too!

None of this would be here without the work of @niallersHR, who got the ball rolling from the ground up and had to pass it up to focus on a Masters Degree. So meanwhile, we’re just doing our best to carry on the fantastic work he put in.

Hope you enjoy our site & we do you proud.